Home Group Child Care Schedule

Updated December 15, 2015


Westwood takes joy in providing child care for Sunday night Home Groups because we know this facilitates the work of God through Bible study, fellowship and prayer.  Here are some guidelines that will help us meet your needs while using our resources wisely. 



§   Hours:  Child Care is currently provided for Home Groups who begin between 5:00 and 6:00pm.  Children may be dropped off as early as 5:00pm and should be picked up by 8:00pm. 


§   Promptness:  Child care is provided only for group time and travel time.  Please don’t drop children off early and please be prompt in picking them up following the group meeting.


§   Food:  Parents are asked to send a sack dinner with their children.  All dinner will be served at 6:30pm. Due to allergies of other children, we ask that no peanut or tree nut products be used in food that is sent.


§   Calendar:  A schedule is posted at WestwoodGroups.com which indicates the nights child care is provided at church.  This is particularly important around holiday times. 


§   Cancellations: If your group decides not to meet, please contact Virginia Opper or Wendy Sipes.  If a number of groups cancel, we may not offer child care on a particular night.   We need a few days notice for this to be helpful.  Please make your group meeting plans at least a week in advance.


§   Fellowship Events: The church provides child care for regular group meetings that involve Bible study and prayer.  If your group meets for a fellowship event, separate arrangements need to be made for child care.  You may be able to use child care for a fellowship event, but will likely be charged for that.  For more information, please contact Wendy Sipes or Virginia Opper.


Contact Information

Virginia Opper, vopper@ewestwood.org, 515.6289 (c)

Wendy Sipes, wsipes@ewestwood.org, 664.0122 (o)




2016 Sunday Evening Childcare Schedule




Notes & “As a rule…”

New Year’s Day

Jan. 3

Not Provided

No child care Sunday after New Year’s Day.


Easter Sunday/First Sunday of Spring Break

March 27

Not Provided


Many families travel to be with extended family on Easter.

Mother’s Day

May 8

Not Provided


Spend time with mom.

Memorial Day

May 29

Not Provided


Memorial Day weekend, many families traveling.

Father’s Day

June 19

Not Provided


Spend time with dad.

Church Tailgate Party

June 26

Not Provided


No child care for church-wide event.

Independence Day Weekend

July 3

Not Provided


No child care if July 4 falls on a Sunday or Monday

Labor Day Weekend

Sept. 6

Not Provided


Your group is at the beach!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov. 27

Not Provided


Thanksgiving weekend, many families traveling.


Dec. 25

Not Provided


No child care on Christmas.

New Year’s Day

Jan. 1, 2017

Not Provided


No child care New Year’s Day.


** Date has not been set at this time.